2023 Fall Lab Fair

Clay County Hospital and Medical Clinics will be hosting their popular “Reduced Rate Lab Fair” beginning October 16th through October 31st.  You may at any time pick up a voucher at Clay County Hospital, or any CCH clinic including Flora, Louisville and Clay City during regular business hours.

The blood draws must be completed October 16th – October 31st.  The hours for the blood draws are Monday – Friday, 7 am – 7 pm and Saturdays from 7 am -11 am at the CLAY COUNTY HOSPITAL Please complete your voucher before registering.  Payment is due at registration.

Regular blood tests are an essential part of your preventative health care plan.  Multiple choices of labs are available for you to select on the voucher. The popular “Lab Fair Panel” results include the kidney and liver functions, complete blood count, and measure cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Clay County Hospital and Medical Clinics thanks you for choosing them as your choice of healthcare and they look forward to serving you during the “Reduced Rate Lab Fair” October 16th through 31st.

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