2019 Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation

Back (L-R): Cathy Croy, Dan Graham, Lisa Cash – Secretary, and Dr. Scott Suntrup – Vice-President. Middle: Emily Milner(no longer active), Mary Beth Stine, Lee Ann Warren, and Glenda Duke, Treasurer. Front: Heather Blank, Bryan Knapp – President and Barb Bright(no longer active).
Not Present: Kim Adair and Crystal Ballard

Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation’s Mission is to Build Friendships and Secure Resources for Clay County Hospital.

In 2001, Friends of Clay County Hospital organized an Endowment Foundation and opted at the time to establish a timeless tribute to recognize individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations that make significant financial contributions to Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation. Located in the main lobby adjacent to the information desk, the Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation “Wall of Honor” is a grateful acknowledgement of the donors who give so generously to meet the healthcare needs of south central Illinois. Whether you are a current donor or considering a first time gift, when you give to the Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation, you share in the hospital’s commitment of providing excellent healthcare. By making a gift, you will know that you are supporting healthcare today and for many generations to come. Gifts of any size are always appreciated. The first giving level is that of 1) Friend ($25 to $999). Donors with a giving level of $1,000 or more are recognized on the wall. The wall is divided into six giving categories with plaques of graduated sizes.

The levels are as follows:

1) Friend ($25 to $999).
2) Sustaining Donor ($1,000 to $4,999)
3) Associate Donor ($5,000 to $9,999)
4) Honor Donor ($10,000 to $24,999)
5) Distinguished Patron ($25,000 to $49,999)
6) Distinguished Benefactor ($50,000 to $99,999)
7) Distinguished Humanitarian ($100,000 and above)

All contributions will be used for the continuation and improvement of quality health care services at Clay County Hospital. Your donation may be in the form of cash, memorial, bequest, or other method of your choosing. The foundation was started as a way to inform the public of the benefits of the hospital, and to help develop communication and education in order to promote the growth and quality of healthcare and service provided. Their fundraising efforts provide the hospital with much needed equipment and also helps provide scholarships to support students entering into the field of healthcare. The Foundation is a non-forprofit 501(c) (3) entity. Donations are tax deductible. The Endowment Foundation has provided many items and services to the hospital and clinics over years of support!

Some of the many items that they have provided includes:

  • Furniture in Clinic
  • Pediatric Bed and Mom Chair
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Integrated wall systems (13)
  • Difibulators
  • Zoll Auto Pulse
  • Patient Transport Stretcher
  • Electronic Sign
  • Tread Mill
  • Onocology chairs for Clinic
  • Employee Scholarships
  • Monocular Video Goggles (vertigo goggles) – 2016
  • 2 Sleep Study remodel rooms – 2016
  • Flora Clinic Lobby Remodel – 2016
  • New computers at CCH Clinics – 2016
  • Radiology Furniture – 2017
  • Dexascan Upgrade – 2017
  • Cardiac Monitor – 2017

Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation Board of Directors:

Bryan Knapp, President
Scott Suntrup, Vice President
Lisa Cash, Secretary
Glenda Duke – Treasurer
Lee Ann Warren
Dan Graham
Mary Beth Stine
Cathy Croy
Heather Blank
Kim Adair
Crystal Ballard
The purpose of the Clay County Hospital Endowment Foundation
  • Apprise the residents of Clay County, Illinois of the diversity and consistently high quality services that are available to them by their hospital.
  • Emphasize to Clay County residents and the surrounding area the advantages in keeping their hospital viable and growing.
  • Stress the need for citizenry to unite in their use and support of their hospital.
  • Raise funds for acquisition of capital equipment and /or improvements to the hospital, which will thereafter become the property of the hospital.
Thank you for furthering the healing, care and treatment offered at Clay County Hospital.