Flora Clinic

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.44.07 PMThe Flora Clinic provides care to a variety of patients: neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric.

There is an emphasis on health maintenance and prevention of illness through routine physical exams which include education on health issues and anticipatory guidance. The Flora Clinic also offers many specialty clinics to help our patients receive more specialized care close to home.


Flora Clinic
Services Provided

Injections: B12.

Minor Procedures:  Toenail excisions, removal of skin lesions, suture placement and removal, cryotherapy.

Industry Exams:  Audiograms, pre-employment drug screens, post-accident drug tests, DOT physical and drug tests, eye chart exams, spirometry.

Physicals:  School, sports, annual wellness, pediatric wellness, pre-employment, pre-surgery, DOT school bus driver, and gynecological exams.

Weight Management

Behavioral Health Services and Counseling

What To Expect

The Flora  Clinic is a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid, Health Link, and many private insurance companies. If you would like to know if we accept your insurance, please call 618-662-2131.


Clay County Hospital Medical Clinics are a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid, Health Link, and many private insurance companies. If you would like to know if we accept your insurance, please call 618-662-2131.What to expect during your visit:

  • As a new patient, you will be asked to fill out a health history and demographics forms.
  • When you check-in you will be asked for a copy of your insurance cards and to verify your address and phone number.
  • The nurse or medical office assistant will take you to an exam room and measure your height, weight, and other vital signs that will be needed for your visit.
  • The nurse or medical office assistant may review your medications and medical history and update any previous information.
  • The nurse/MOA and the provider will input your information into our electronic health record. This allows better tracking of your health maintenance and prescription refills and better access to your medical record by the providers.
  • The doctor or nurse practitioner (provider) will then examine you and either perform a procedure or advise you on how to manage your symptoms or condition.
  • If your condition requires additional testing, the provider will write an order or a referral and let you know where that test can be done. The nurse will call you with your test result or your provider will discuss them with you at your follow-up appointment. If you have not heard from our staff and have questions about your results, please wait at least 3 days before calling to allow us time to receive and review the result.
  • If you need a medication to assist you to manage your condition, the provider will either call your pharmacy or electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • You will check out with the clinic receptionist and make any follow-up appointments that may be necessary. We ask that you pay your office visit co-pay at this time.
  • If you are unsure if you need to be seen for the symptoms you are experiencing, call and speak to our phone nurse. She will review the symptoms with you and discuss your case with the provider if needed. She will then assist you in making an appointment if necessary.
  • We require an appointment with the provider and a strep test or urine culture before prescribing an antibiotic for symptoms that indicate a possibility of infection in these areas. This is for your safety and the prevention of the growth of drug-resistant organisms.
Specialty Clinics

Clay County Hospital offers many specialty clinics.  Specialty Physicians provide visits weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. These clinics allow our patients to receive more specialized care close to home.

These physicians are credentialed by our hospital medical staff and provide consultations to inpatients. Some of the visiting specialists perform surgical procedures at Clay County Hospital.

Specialty Clinic Information

Call to schedule an appointment.

Flora  Clinic  with  Dr. Dy, Dr. Sehy, and Dr. Alcordo: 618-662-2131

SMGS Women’s Health Care OBGYN Services: 618-662-2131

Cardiovascular Specialists of Illinois with Dr. Jones: 618-662-2131

Effingham Urology Associates with Dr. Nayak or Dr. McNichols: 618-662-2131

Bonutti Orthopedics with Dr. Gray: 618-662-2131

Dr. Cheema’s office: 618-662-2131

Contact Information

Flora Clinic

929 Stacy Burk Drive

Flora, IL 62839

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Phone: (618) 662-2131 or 1-800-762-2309