Medical Records

When a patient needs a copy of his or her medical record, the Health Information Management employees of Clay County Hospital are available to help. The Health Information Management Department believes that privacy, confidentiality and security of your individual health information is essential in fostering trust between the health care consumer and the health care provider. Clay County Hospital’s Patient Rights assures each patient that his/her treatment is confidential and it will not be revealed to anyone without proper authorization. Since Clay County Hospital’s employees are involved directly or indirectly in patient care, confidentiality is an important issue for everyone. Breaches of confidentiality carry serious consequences.

Requests for Medical Records

*Please be prepared to present a photo ID before picking up medical records.

Personnel at Clay County Hospital are not allowed to process requests or authorizations received via e-mail.

To obtain a copy of a medical record, call or write the Health Information Management Department. Please submit a valid  authorization form signed and dated by the patient/legal guardian.

To avoid a delay, please make sure to answer all questions on the authorization form.
Certain restrictions and fees may apply.

Please submit requests to:

Clay County Hospital
Attn: HIM Department
911 Stacy Burk Drive
Flora, IL 62839