No Visitor Policy Implemented

Clay County Hospital institutes new “NO VISITOR” policy regarding Coronavirus surge, April 10, 2020

Bob Sellers, CEO

Clay County has been spared so far from having a resident with a positive Coronavirus result. I am proud that our residents have taken the virus seriously and practiced social distancing and proper hand washing. This is not the time to stop these practices. You may read that the peak for Illinois is April 11th and that may be very true for the state overall, but not for the down-state counties. As of today, Clay County is one of the 21 counties without a positive Coronavirus resident. However, we are fast approaching the day when we will see a positive in our community.


Clay County Hospital has taken a number of precautionary actions over the last several weeks to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We are now at that point where we believe it is prudent to institute the next phase of our safety measures. Effective today, April 10, 2020, Clay County Hospital will institute a “NO VISITOR” policy. This policy will not allow visitors in the hospital and our rural health clinics. I understand that this will create some inconvenience and concern for some family members.

For assistance and instructions for family members of Emergency Room patients: Please call 618-662-1624. For assistance and instructions for family members of inpatients: Please call 618-662-1680.
Our Medical Clinics will assist you with instructions when you call for an appointment. There will be some exceptions based on the specific condition and status of the patient.

Our community has been incredible in their support of our hospital and clinics during this time of uncertainty. I understand that our new “NO VISITOR” policy will create some anxiety and our staff will work with each of you to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible. I greatly appreciate your understanding and support during this time.

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