Post-COVID Recovery Program

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As you continue to healing from COVID-19, we are here to ensure your recovery journey is successful. Our Post-COVID Recovery Program is available to address any health issues you may still be experiencing, even if your initial symptoms were mild to moderate. These include fatigue, fall or balance problems, weakness and poor endurance, shortness of breath, insomnia, or cognitive impairment.

Lingering disabilities can be improved through rehabilitation, which is why we recommend a follow-up visit with our primary care provider. This provider will perform a comprehensive examination to identify any complications resulting from COVID-19.

After this appointment, an individualized care plan will be prepared based on your symptoms and healthcare needs. If needed, you will be referred to other specialized services to assist in your recovery. These services may include meeting with our dietician, physical therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac monitoring, oxygen management, medication management, and a depression screening/cognitive assessment.

Once you have been released from quarantine by the health department, you must schedule an appointment with our provider to discuss treatment options.

Call 618-662-2131 and refer to the Post-COVID recovery program.