Ambulance Services

Clay County Hospital Ambulance, an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Service, provides care for sick and injured individuals of all age groups (neonate, infant, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric). Care is provided without regard to race, creed, sexual orientation or financial status. Emergency care is available on a 24/7 basis. Our staff consists of trained Emergency Medical Technicians. Our staff utilize the most up to date equipment to handle all medical emergencies, and we operate three ambulances.

What to Expect

The Emergency Medical Staff will evaluate your current situation and collect medical history and information. If the medical situation warrants medication, the medication and or IV fluids will be provided.

Emergency Situations

Have your allergy and medication list up to date or know where they are so this information can be available to the ambulance staff.

Have your 911 or house number clearly posted so they may be seen from the street or road.

If you call after dark, turn on an outside light.

Phone Numbers

In an Emergency Call 9-1-1

Ambulance Transport Number & Manager Number: (618) 844-3220

Clay County Hospital: (618) 662-2131