Emotional Well-Being

Mental and emotional well-being is essential to overall health. Positive mental health allows people to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. As part of your community’s healthcare program, we continue to listen to the voices of our community and to address that expressed. Today, in response to you, emotional care can now be accessed here in Clay County at the Clay County Hospital’s Medical Clinic.

  • We offer emotional and psychological assessments of children ages 5 and over, including adolescents and adults.
  • Our providers can handle basic to severe issues, as well as covering disorders, social issues, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, and substance abuse.
  • We can offer therapy, behavioral health, or a combination of both.
What to Expect
How Do I Access Services?

Your first step to accessing mental health related services is to pick up the phone and call 618-662-2131 in order to speak with our friendly staff. Depending upon the kind of services you’re seeking, you may be transferred in order to answer a question, receive guidance, or schedule an appointment. If you’re not quite sure about what type of services you are seeking, clinic staff will work with you to help you determine and access the services you may need.

We are interested in developing a collaborative relationship with you in which we try to decide together what kind of treatment would be best for you. However, not everyone will be referred for continuing therapy at the clinic. We make decisions on what we believe will be best for the client.

At the end of that first session, if we decide that it is in your best interest to move forward working with the assigned therapist, you will decide on a mutually-agreeable time slot for your therapy sessions (typically, the client and therapist will meet once a week, and each session will last approximately one hour). At your second appointment, you will begin working with your therapist to set goals for your therapy experience and then begin working together toward achieving them.

Therapy can help with just about any type of emotional or psychological problem, including:

Service Types

What is Individual Therapy?

What is Group Therapy?


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Integrated Care Initiative

“We need a comprehensive, integrated approach to service delivery. We need to fight fragmentation.” WHO Director-General

The intent of the Clay County Hospital Behavioral Health program is to enhance the availability of mental health treatment services to patients in Clay County as well as to serve patients through the rural healthcare clinic located next to the hospital. The goal is to deliver evidence-based practices which are coordinated with primary care providers in a fully integrated manner.

Hospital staff realizes the benefits for offering its patients behavioral health services. Hospital providers are working hard to deliver services that meet patient and community needs, as well proving to be effective for improvement in overall quality of life. Evidence-based treatment practices are being utilized to reach this goal. These practices include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Brief Solution-Focused Therapies
  • Motivational Enhancing Techniques
  • Relaxations Therapies
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Problem-Solving
Phone Numbers

Phone: 618-662-2131