Diagnostic Imaging Department

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The Diagnostic Imaging Department offers radiology services 24 hours a day to in-patients, emergency, and out-patients of all ages. Our services include ultrasound, diagnostic X-ray procedures, digital 3D in house mammography, CT scanning, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Density, Dexa scanning and Mobile MRI services. For More information on osteoporosis please click here. All images are interpreted and read by a Radiologist, a physician with specialized training in the field of imaging.


Out-patients are required to register with admitting and will then proceed to have the tests requested by their physicians. The physician who ordered the test will receive the test results within 48 hours. Any critical findings are called to the physician immediately.

Phone Numbers

Clay County Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department: 618-662-2131
Clay County Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department fax number: (618) 662-1489


Technologists: Available 24 hours a day
Outpatient testing: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM